Posted by: Julia | September 9, 2007


Hey, it’s me again. We just came back from P.F Chang’s, it was great, and if you looked at my last post it had a link to their website. Ok it’s time for me to go to sleep so I guess I’ll post tomorrow.

Peace out. Strawberry!



  1. YEAH! Julia made it! Now it’s a family circle made complete on the world of blogs! You rock, Julia, and tell Chris to post!

  2. Cute blog Sweetie Pie! (How was Chang’s?)

  3. I’ll tell him. Thanks for the comment.

    Peace out. Strawberry! 🙂

  4. ah Julia I love your blog!!! it is so cute!

  5. Yeah Julia!!! I love reading the Ferrara blogs. Welcome to the blog world.

  6. Ahhh! its so awesome you got a blog. I love it and you 😀 gosh I miss you girl, we need to see each other again some time real soon!

  7. Julia your awesome girl. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but as I told you last night I have been sick. How is your baby cow? Spot right? Anyway, I don’t have a voice anymore; Strawberry

  8. I was thinking that we should try one time to form a square after church!

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