Posted by: Julia | September 19, 2007

Happy School Day

Today was great because today I wrote a perfect cursive “Julia” and along with that, it was so fun!!!! My mom said that today was going to be a fast day of school, and it was fast. Now how happy do you think I was? EXTREMELY happy!!!! Well if I try to put a picture of my perfect cursive “Julia” it makes it really big, so if you want to see it click HERE.



  1. Great Writing Julia! I’m so proud of you. Are you sure that Daisy didn’t write that? 🙂

  2. AWESOME! That is so cool! (I still can’t write that good…) You make me smile! I think you deserve some strawberries.. 😀

  3. woah! some major skills there julia! oh what would i do without you?
    (hmm probably nothing) 😀
    love ya buddy!

  4. Great job Julia! Way to go.

  5. Cool Julia! Your’e awesome!!!!!!!!

  6. you go girl. I love you. Your so sweet

  7. I am SO proud of your penmanship Miss Ferrara! You never fail to amaze me!
    I love you sweet girl!

  8. look how sweet your handwriting is!! you write better than me! oh i cannot wait until your birthday miss ferrara!! 🙂

  9. Happy belated birthday sweet Julia! I miss you like CRAZY and I’m smiling, remembering our happy birthday party we had last year!! Wasn’t it awesome!? I love you!!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful couple of days and feel older already. 🙂

  10. Nice handwriting! I still can’t get writing in Cursive right! 😦
    But I’m ‘tryin! Thanks for helping me pull the kids off the playhouse last night!
    Maybe I’ll see you on Saturday!


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